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You Risk Nothing. ParkShare is completely free of charge to join, search, and even advertise a parking space to let.

You only pay us a minimal flat fee of 10% when the space is booked and paid for (minimum fee £1). In fact, we even cover your online PayPal fees out of that too - which makes us the cheapest parking website by far.

So if you advertise a space for £50, then you'll find £45 in your PayPal account shortly after it's booked.

Of course, if you choose to advertise the parking space as a 'Community Listing' then the service is completely free of charge, leaving more money in the pockets of everyone involved (apart from the tax man!). You decide what type of payment you want, and if it's not financial then maybe you just need someone to take you to the supermarket, or help you in the garden at the weekend - it's entirely up to you.

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